Margita was born in Malých Bukovcích in Slovakia in 1945 and is a writer who publishes in the Romanes. She was born in Slovakia, but after the war her family moved to Prague. Her literary activity consisted largely of writing poems and prose-style fairy tales . The formation of the Romani inspired her group of authors around the first Romani periodicals lived in Czechoslovakia Romano (Roma list), which was founded in 1970 mainly text Tera Fabiánová that make the poetry section in the magazine to ensure a fixed place, in the words Reiznerové showed that “Is it possible to write a Roma” and “what is beautiful Romany language”. She Margita Reiznerová began after 1989, when she co-founded the Association of Roma authors and contributed to the proceedings Kale rose as several poems and prose tale Le Romengero gendalos ( Mirror Roma). In 1992 he published tale of Kali. He also wrote a collection of poems dvojazyčnou romskočeskou Suno (Sen) (Czech: Dreams – (translated from romšriny Lada Viková ), which was published in 2000, made ​​a significant contribution to the running-based association for several years was its chairwoman.  Between 1991 and 1994, was deeply influenced by Romani publishing editor and also worked as editor gendalos Romano (Roma Mirror). published his poems out of periodicals and magazines Amaro Lav and Romano džaniben.

Profession was Margita Reiznerová nurse, worked at the post auxiliary nurse for 11 years in Prague Podolí . In addition to writing devoted to music, she was a soloist of Roma folklore ensemble Perumos. In the 90 years of the 20th century emigration to Belgium , where she settled permanently.


  • Kali – Fairytale (1992 and 1994)
  • Suno – a collection of poems (2000) [available to download in Czech and Romanes here]
  • Kale Ruža – Black Roses – Anthology of Romani Authors (1990)
  • Roma Mirror (1991-1994)
  • Angličanos / Angličan / Englishman, 1-2/1995, orální tradice / memoráty
  • E žamba / Žába / Frog, 3/1998, literatura – próza
  • Karačoňa / Vánoce / Christmas,  Margita Reiznerová, 4/1995, zvyky a obřady, orální tradice / memoráty
  • Le dadeskero bovoro / Tatínkova kamínka / Father’s Stones, 1-2/1996, literatura – poezie