A couple of days ago, I posted the translation of the filth spouted by Zsolt Bayer, Hungarian minister and friend to Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister. I’ve watched it unfold with several organizations I’m in who wrote letters to European MEPs and so forth. I’ve only been watching because, well, who am I? I’m not anyone, not someone who can make a difference. I’m not even in Europe anymore. (If I were I fear I should have made my way to Hungary already and be protesting there). I fear that simple letters will not do the job. After writing to Jeszneszky and watching the ultimate apathy and lack of response?

How is this different?

First Jeszneszky calls us mentally ill people who have sex with our brothers and sisters, and now Bayer is calling us animals who cannot even articulate language.

These people are ministers – people in power. They aren’t just reporters or professors. They are people who stand up as representatives of their country… and they are saying there should be a “final” answer to the “Gypsy problem”. We’ve all heard this before. The Porrajmos has not been forgotten by us. This Nevo Porrajmos seems ever closer and is terrifyingly real. This rhetoric sounds so reminiscent to Nazi propaganda it makes me ashamed to be human.

Where are the Human Rights organizations? Where are the MEPs and European parliament members? Where is the outcry condemning this man and forcing his resignation? Where are our voices? Where is Canada’s Mr. Kenney now? Where is his commentary on how Hungary is safe for the Roma? Does Mr. Kenney even care that these things were said?

I don’t know what to to. I’ve been sitting here thinking, feeling a great sense of urgency, but also a great sense of ineffectiveness; of inability; of confusion. I am not a Dr.; I am not even an MA yet. I don’t have any credentials to stand behind my words should I even write any. I’m not an artist – I can’t paint these feelings and make it prominent.

What can we do? The Roma who have nothing but our Romanija? Are there even any words that could be written to address this disgusting and vile excuse for a human being?

I honestly don’t know. I feel a deep sense of fear, hopelessness, and urgency.

I am nothing that either of these men said (Geza Jeszneszky or Zsolt Bayer). I am not an animal. I am not a murderer or thief. I am not mentally ill. Somehow though, I feel even if I were to attempt to inform Mr. Bayer, he would stare blankly at the words as if they had been scrawled in an alien language. There will be no apology and no resignation. Not in a country who allows the Jobbik party such a loud voice already.