I’ve been posting some sayings on Facebook for a few weeks now and there has been a lot of interest – so I thought that I’d post some here too!

  • sumnakaj angla tute, o rup pala tute!
    gold in front of you, silver behind you!
  • baxtalima, thaj sastima!
    luck and health!
  • po baxt thaj po sastipe!
    in luck and in health!
  • keci kaja drakh marda o brišind thaj e barval, nek kadeci lake bijanel tu ka saste čhaven!
    how many times the wind and rain struck these grapes, so let her deliver this many healthy sons!
  • mek trajil tut o Del!
    (may you) live with God!
  • mek sumnakaj ande tiro muj!
    (may you have) gold in your mouth!
  • asas, ta naj tu pašvare
    laugh, until you don’t have ribs
  • tiro Del avela miro Del
    your God will be my God
  • beš banges, alje phen vorta
    sit bent, but speak straight

and on that note

Baxtali Karačoňa thaj sasto nevo berš
Merry Christmas and happy New Year 🙂