This is the third post I’ve tried to write over the past couple of days. Illness has me unable to focus, but it’s more than that. The news servers are suspiciously quiet. The past two or three days have seen little reporting (in English at least) on the Roma. It gives me time to think about my own path and how I am helping (or not) in this fight.

I received an email asking me to stop this blog. Asking me to stop giving a bad name to “real” Roma.

But, really, who are “real Roma”?

Roma can be many things, look many ways, speak many dialects, be craftsmen, academics, mothers, teachers, artists.

Why does being an activist preclude me from being Roma?

Am I even an activist? What have I done? Written a few letters? Signed a few petitions? Taught a few classes? Kept a blog? …

Someone once told me that if I’m making people mad, then I’m doing the right thing… sometimes though, I wonder about that. I wonder what I am actually doing. Posting words on the internet; weighing in on several non-profit boards; trawling and aggregating news…

But really, what exactly am I doing? I no longer live in Europe, I am not producing literature, art, or other information that is making any difference.

Maybe it’s just because I’m sick and feeling down – but sometimes I feel as though I’m not doing anything, maybe even just making things worse. Emails telling me to shut up and get off the internet don’t help.

That’s for sure.